A sacrament in which the Holy Spirit is given to those already baptized

in order to make them strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of

Jesus Christ.

Parents looking to arrange Confirmation for their children should contact our Evangelization and Catholic Education directors.

Adults looking to join or return to the receive Confirmation should call Deacon Paul Dow and inquire about Adult Confirmation.


For a detailed description and explanation of Confirmation you can

click Sacrament of Confirmation.


Requirements for a Confirmation Sponsor

The Church prescribes under pain of grievous sin that a sponsor, shall stand for the person confirmed.  The sponsor should be at least sixteen years of age, of the same sex as the candidate, should have already received the Sacrament of Confirmation, and be well instructed in the Catholic Faith.  From this office are excluded the father and mother of the candidate, members of a religious order (unless the candidate be a religious), public sinners, and those who are under public ban of interdict or excommunication.  Except in case of necessity the baptismal godparent cannot serve as sponsor for the same person in confirmation.


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