Bottles & Cans

You make a difference in our community…

Bottles & Can Drive


That is the amount of money raised since

July 1, 2003 for our ECE program!


Bottles & Cans Saved from landfills!

Our Knights of Columbus have been collecting bottles and cans to help support the Catholic Education in our parish since 2003!  Each month several Knights come to our parish hall and bag and count the cans that parishioners like you drop off for us.

Being able to drop off the cans and forget about them is a real convenience.  We don’t have to feel guilty about just tossing them out and filling up landfills.

Please help us add those special extra things to our Catholic Education program by dropping off your recyclable cans and bottles (not water bottles since they are not recyclable) at the Georgetown Hall door.


Last Updated 10/31/12

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