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Here are some note worthy events and information we would like to share with you.  Your feedback is going to be very important to helping us meet your needs.  Please feel free to submit comments about what you like, didn't like, or would like to see.  We are always looking for people to submit articles and photos.


Covered Dish Dinner

All Women of the Parish are Invited to Attend!

Have you ever been interested in finding out more about our Women’s Club?  Have you seen an event for the Women’s Club in the bulletin and thought, that sounds like fun?  This event is for you!

Each year the Women’s Club Hosts a Covered Dish Dinner to kick off the New Year and welcome everyone who is interested in joining the women’s club.

Tuesday, September 16 at 6:30PM

Everyone is asked to bring a covered dish to share.

For more information please call Sandy Jones at (978) 948-7653.

The Women’s Club at St. Mary’s is open to all women in the parish 18 years or older.

Altar Server Appreciation Day at Canobie Lake Park

Our Parish is blessed each week with our dedicated Altar Servers.  These young people serve God and us at every Sunday Mass.  We are also blessed to have a Women's Club that is so wonderfully supportive and steps up whenever called upon.  Through their generous donation again this year our Altar Servers are being treated to a fun day at Canobie Lake Park!

Pray that have a safe and wonderful time together, August 25th!

Fr. Jim Fahey

Fr. Fahey has had some medical issues that required more day to day care than we could offer here at the Rectory.  To ensure that he is properly taken care of, so he can return back to tip top condition, the decision was made that he should go to our rehabilitation center for Priests called Regina Cleri.  He is expected to be home very soon and feeling much better.

For everyone who filled out at get well card, please know they have been delivered.  Fr. Fahey would like to thank everyone for their warm wishes and prayers. Please keep him in your prayers!

Construction in our Rowley Church


Rowley Church

Through your generous donations to our parish we have been able to save enough money to start some much needed renovations to our Churches.


Rowley Church Doors

The good news is that our "Rowley Door" problem has been fixed!  The old rotten doors have been replaced with wonderful new doors that allow the light to come in.  The window units above both the side doors have been replaced with a much more efficient set of windows that should hold up to our New England weather for many years to come.


Hopefully you like the way it came out as much as we did.  Our contractor, Dube-Plus, did a great job and really tried to work with our schedule.  Such nice things do come at a cost.  This project came to $52,245.  We are asking for you to be generous to our capital funds in order to maintain our Churches.


Rowley Church Septic System

Next Up is dealing with the Rowley Church Septic System!  For many years our septic system has been a problem.  Though it has not officially "failed" by town standards it has by ours.  This is the main reason why we have had to move so many of our programs and events over to Georgetown.  We have done extensive investigating and fixing the current septic system is not an option.  We have to have a total replacement.  After 3 years of preparation with the RCAB (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston), the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the Town of Rowley we are ready to begin construction.

We are going to use a new technology called a Presby Septic System.  It is widely used in New Hampshire with fantastic results.  Since behind the church is either under or at the same level as the water table our leach field cannot be back there anymore.  Instead we are going to use a pump up system to our new Presby system that will be located between the sidewalk and the driveway in front of the Church.  The old tanks have to be replaced.  New electrical panels have to be put in for the pumps.  Part of the driveways will have to be torn up to make room for the pipes to the system.  Once we are all done installing it we have to replace the black top and the lawn.  It turns out that the black top is the single most expensive line item in this process.

Once again these major improvements come at a cost.  This is estimated to cost at least $80,000.  We are asking for you to be generous to our capital funds in order to maintain our Churches.  There is more work to be done at both locations but this is going to keep us very busy for this summer.


Please be careful as we complete our work.  When the work presents too much of a hazarded we will move Mass over to our Georgetown location.  When ever possible we will make these announcements in the bulletin a head of time.



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