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Here are some note worthy events and information we would like to share with you.  Your feedback is going to be very important to helping us meet your needs.  Please feel free to submit comments about what you like, didn't like, or would like to see.  We are always looking for people to submit articles and photos.


Women's Club

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Chocolate the Perfect Drug presented by Dr. Michael Cross

The Women’s Club at St. Mary’s is open to all women in the parish 18 years or older.

We are always looking to welcome new members!

Construction in our Rowley Church


Rowley Church Septic System

We are so very excited to announce that the Rowley Church septic system has been replaced.  Over the past 10 years 4 different Pastors have struggled with the problem of how to fix the system.  All the work of surveys, wetland delineation, Archdiocese meetings, town meetings, state meetings, engineering plans, and then the actual work of putting in the system is over!  Now we can start to use this building for it's full potential.  This is an exciting time.  Help us as we figure out the best way to use our space to spread the Good News!

Rowley Church Doors

The good news is that our "Rowley Door" problem has been fixed!  The old rotten doors have been replaced with wonderful new doors that allow the light to come in.  The window units above both the side doors have been replaced with a much more efficient set of windows that should hold up to our New England weather for many years to come.



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