Purpose: Lectors proclaim the Word of God during Mass.

Qualifications: A lector is a person who:

*     Is a Catholic in good sacramental standing in the Church

*     Is a Catholic mature in faith and of excellent character, who show reverence and love for the Eucharist has the ability to speak publically, enunciate and read effortlessly is growing spiritually through daily prayer and liturgical prayer, especially the Sunday Eucharist, and who accepts the responsibility of ministry in serving the needs of others.

*     Understands that the Mass is a communal prayer and that the distribution of Communion is a liturgical function requiring a sense of dignity and an attitude of prayer expresses a sense of dignity by appropriate Sunday dress, by handling all liturgical vessels with respect, by alert posture, by graceful and correctly timed movement

*     Meets the Boston Archdiocese requirements of current CORI, VIRTUS – Protecting God’s Children Training, and signed Code of Conduct form on file.

If you would you like to become a Lector contact the Rectory about this wonderful ministry.

Contact Maureen Cannon
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