Parish Giving

Click on Parish Giving Logo to get started!

Click on Parish Giving Logo to get started!


St. Mary Parish is proud to introduce “Enhanced Stewardship through Electronic Funds  Transfer.”  We have partnered with Parish Giving to offer this program to all of  our parishioners.


It’s Simple

*  Click on the Parish Giving Logo and follow the easy registration instructions


It’s Secure

*  Parish Giving is Payment Card Industry compliant and uses the strongest Secure Sockets Layering encryption technology available.


It’s Convenient

*  No more searching for the checkbook or Sunday morning stops at the ATM machine.

*  You can pick the day of the month for the recurring contributions to be processed.


Tax Benefits

*  You will be able to print out a report detailing your contributions for the year.


Parish Benefits

*  Stable monthly contributions.

*  Significant reduction of parish administrative costs.


Click on https://www.ParishGiving.Org/Web/Members/MemberSignUp.aspx?c=ba790 to sign in to Parish Giving.

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