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It may seem that the Church is always asking for donations.  While it is true that without donations the Parish doesn’t have the resources necessary to carry out the mission to “Spread the Gospel” each type of offertory is for individual needs.  Many people are confused as to what collection is for what and how are they different from each other.  Our hope is that this brief explanation will help as you make your donation choices.

Weekly Offering - The weekly offering is the first or only collection on a Sunday with the exception of Easter and Christmas.  This offering is how we pay all of our bills.  It stays here at St. Mary’s and this number is what we base our budget on.

Monthly Collection - This collection is to help make up the shortfall between what our weekly offering is and the budget amount.  This collection generates approximately $30,000 a year.  We are working on increasing our weekly offering and taking our monthly offering and making it an offering for capital improvements to our buildings.  In the past our monthly offering was used to pay off our parish debt.

Grand Annual – This collection used to be exclusively for Capital improvements at the Parish.  It is the money that was put away into our savings accounts when we made our Capital improvements to our Church.  For the past few years in order to make the budget we factor that into the budget and set about $24,000 aside for maintenance.  Our goal is to put all of it away for capital improvements.  

Fuel & Heat – This collection is used for exactly that.  To pay for the fuel and heating related costs of our Parish.  We spend approximately $25,000 a year to heat our buildings. 

On Christmas and Easter only one collection is taken at Mass.  This collection goes directly to the Clergy Benefit Trust fund.  This fund takes care of all our retired Priests in the Archdiocese.  RCAB Collections

The rest of the second collections are determined by the Archdiocese of Boston are sent to the Archdiocese to fund exactly what the collection is specified for.  RCAB Collections

On occasion the Parish will take up what we call a “Capital Campaign”.  Capital Campaigns are request for pledges to be made over a period of time to make major capital improvements.  An example of a Capital Campaign at St. Mary’s was a 3 year campaign to raise $350,000 to make major capital repairs to our Georgetown properties.  The name of that campaign was Securing Our Future Together (SOFT).  That campaign started in December 2008 and was finished in December 2011.  Those improvements included a new roof for the Church, 2 handicap bathrooms for the Church, a lift to go between the Church and the Hall, repairs to the front cement/brick area in front of the Church.  The actual cost of these renovations was $450,000.  We used money from savings to make up the difference.  Between our savings and capital campaign donations we had enough money left over to make the much needed repairs to the rectory that included the plumbing for all 4 bathrooms and replace the electrical with fixtures and plugs for the rectory.  The Rectory renovation was approximately $20,000.

The Catholic Appeal is a campaign to support the ministries and offices of the Archdiocese of Boston.  Each Parish in the Archdiocese is asked to raise a certain dollar amount.  This year we have been asked to raise $36750.  Any money raised over the goal will be shared with the Parish.  

For more information or if you have any questions please feel free to contact Maureen Cannon, Business Manager.  Email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at 978-352-2024.

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