Why go on retreat?

Who needs a retreat?

What happens on retreat?

The answer to these questions will make it clear why retreats are a moral necessity for every Catholic. Don't wait till you're retirement age! (You might not get there!) God is necessarily hidden. Although He reveals Himself to everyone, not everyone recognizes Him every time, not even people who think they know Him. A reason to go on retreat-to nourish our devotion, our love of God, and our fervor in doing His will, by the thought of His mysteries and the consideration of our own state, by listening for His call and meditating on what He has said to us. Let no one say they don't need this nourishment: how can anyone possibly say that who has not tasted it? How many people come back from retreat saying, "If I had only known that sooner!"

In the Archdiocese of Boston we are blessed to have many wonderful retreat houses. The following are only some of those:

Campion Renewal Center

Espousal Retreat House and Conference Center

Miramar Retreat Center

Saint Basil Salvatorian Center

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